The weekend weather turned out warmer than what the TV forecasters predicted (surprise!), so it turned out to be a good day for the activities around the Embarcadero with the America’s Cup and Fleet Week.

While I was at the Ferry Building, I discovered that the Gott’s takeout counter has now been transformed into a frozen yogurt station. It was a perfect relief for the warm weather.

The Gott’s fro-yo station features Straus’ organic frozen yogurt with four flavors (vanilla, original tart, dutch chocolate and pomegranate-blueberry). I got a small cup of the original tart with two toppings ($4.99). The yogurt had a nice, thick creamy texture. The flavor was definitely more mild than the tartness associated with Korean-influenced frozen yogurt at places like Red Mango or Pinkberry. But I still found it enjoyable, with the milky taste similar to Fraiche.

The end of the Ferry Building is now my go to spot when I want to treat myself. On cold days I go for a Hong Kong milk tea from Out the Door’s booth, and on hot days I can go across the aisle at Gott’s for some fro-yo.

Gott’s Takeout Window, San Francisco Ferry Building at Embarcadero and Market. PH: 415.318.3423. Serving fro-yo from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Gott’s takeout window has been transformed into a fro-yo shop

Serving up frozen yogurt

I did feel the topping options were typical with not much variety

My original tart fro-yo topped with fresh strawberries and (you can’t see but) crumbled chocolate wafers.

I thought the fro-yo frenzy was dying down, but not according to Gott’s

One Response to A Sweet Change at Gott’s Fast-Serve Booth

  1. Carolyn Jung says:

    More reason to love Gott’s. Can’t wait for the Palo Alto one to open. Got to get my fix of ahi burgers and sweet potato fries. 😉