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With the weather warming up as spring approaches, dining in the streets is a popular option on Friday nights, especially in Oakland ever since the arrival of Off The Grid.

First made popular in San Francisco, OTG is the festive food truck gathering connecting innovative vendors with hungry pop-up-crazed food lovers in the bay. […]

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Oakland’s Jack London Square was ground zero this weekend for a gathering of food trucks and grass-roots food businesses showcasing the great tastes of the area, with crowds enjoying the warm weather and unique food.

In its fourth year, the Eat Real Festival hasn’t slowed down at all, although this year for some odd reason […]

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Dojo Dog has got to be the smartest food truck in town. I mean, it is parked right outside the University of California, Berkeley, campus.

And it’s not just the smart location serving up gourmet hot dogs to hungry college students notorious for their munchies, but they play up an Asian martial arts theme outside […]

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This weekend was the annual street food taste-a-balooza that had food lovers hitting the streets for some tasty  bites from food trucks and restaurants in San Francisco.

But while the marquee event was the San Francisco Street Food Festival in the Mission District on Saturday, this year there was the “preview”/fund-raiser the night before with […]

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The original food trucks were sometimes nicknamed “roach coaches” because they would often scatter from one spot to another, probably because they were evading parking restrictions or traffic enforcers.

But as food trucks have gained in popularity and legitimacy, they’re beginning to stake their claim on territory. In San Francisco, you don’t have to follow […]

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Del Popolo is a food truck taken to a whole other level. In fact, it’s not even technically a truck but a shipping container fashioned into a mobile pizzeria and equipped with a 5,000-pound wood-burning oven custom-made in Naples, Italy.

And behind the wheels (figuratively, if not literally) is Jon Darsky, former opening pizzaiolo for […]

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A couple of weekends ago, I went to the Asian Heritage Street Fair in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. And for the first time, several food trucks were parked in one section of the fair.

Selected for their Asian offerings, there were the well-known food trucks such as The Chairman and Seoul on Wheels. But there […]

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I’ve been in Arizona this week to watch spring training baseball, and in between innings I plotted my food adventures for after the game.

On Wednesday after sitting through nine innings of the Oakland A’s and Dodgers game that ended in a tie (such is spring training where nothing counts), I went to […]

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Coffee Cart Parks in the Castro

On December 18, 2011 By

The Blue Bottle Coffee Co. cart, tapping into the food truck craze, spent several months planning to keep the people around Dolores Park perked up with its well-rounded roasted beans. But maybe San Franciscans are getting tired of food trucks or maybe people are just overly protective about keeping Dolores Park a place just for […]

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The food truck phenomenon has rolled into many cities and towns across the country, but who knew it could reach all the way to the Hawaiian islands? I mean, there’s no way for trucks to make it across the Pacific.

But food trucks have arrived in the 50th state, which puts a local […]

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Hunting for New Food at Eat Real

On September 25, 2011 By

Thousands showed up for this year’s version of the Eat Real Festival – everyone except the sun, that is.

After two years of perfect late summer weather along Jack London Square’s waterfront, where this smorgasbord of food truck and street food love takes place, this year was overcast skies and quite a bit of wind.


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