Alexander’s Patisserie has a shiny storefront in historic downtown Mountain View.

I was first introduced to Alexander’s Patisserie when I tried some of its chocolate truffles at a food fair and was enticed by the interesting flavors and beautiful designs. I made a mental note to check out its store.

But sadly, it is all the way in Mountain View in Silicon Valley, and being on the East Bay, I rarely find myself down that part of the Peninsula. Finally, last weekend I had a reason to be in the neighborhood as I got together with friends, and afterwards I made a beeline to check out Alexander’s Patisserie.

Nestled in the historic downtown Mountain View, which is booming with restaurants and other eateries, Alexander’s Patisserie provides a sophisticated and modern spot to relax and treat yourself to one of its many treats.

Going down the glass counters, each pastries, dessert, macaron or truffles look like jewels, and it can be a challenge deciding what to get. I indulged and ordered both a lemon meringue tart and an opera cake, and washed it down with a latte made with Stumptown Coffee.

While the opera cake was lovely, it lacked much of a coffee flavor. But the lemon meringue was an amazing treat, both beautifully constructed with a nicely brulee meringue like a tent, covering a balanced lemon filling and flakey tart shell. It was worth the drive just to try this.

Alexander’s Patisserie provides the level of treats that San Francisco residents easily find at places like Craftsman & Wolves and b. patisserie. If you ever find yourself at that part of the bay, make a pit stop in Mountain View and experience Alexander’s Patisserie.

The deets: Alexander’s Patisserie, 209 Castro St., Mountain View, Calif. PH: 408.886.3333. Open from 8 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Closed Monday.

One Response to Lost in the Dreamworld that is Alexander’s Patisserie

  1. Carolyn Jung says:

    Their creations are so lovely. That lemon tart is downright gorgeous. I can never have just one of something when I go there.