Diners waiting outside Gracias Madres, an organic vegan Mexican restaurant

At some restaurants, the diners still come out in droves though the wait may not be as long as a Friday night. The coffee houses are still filled with the warm glow of laptops, and the bars try to attract customers with Monday Night Football.

San Francisco’s Mission District attracts a lot of diners with its versatility in food, from a satisfying burrito to rustic Italian to experimental California cuisine. And on Friday nights, its sidewalks are crawling with diners waiting for tables or partying at the bars.

But what is it like on a Monday night? While certain parts are quiet because some places are closed, the restaurants that are open seem to be doing quite well, especially places like Pizzeria Delfina (of course), Locanda and Gracias Madres.

I was also surprised to find crowds in unexpected places, like a tiny counter Chinese restaurant called Yamo. They were also there at the experimental Mission Chinese Food.

Sea urchin appetizer at Commonwealth

As a break from all the walking around, I found myself at Commonwealth, where I easily got a spot at the bar even though the restaurant was nearly full. I dined on a sea urchin appetizer (which actually was on the bland side) with a kim chi-flavored foam (that helped with the blandness) and an enjoyable game hen dish (which I wished was a larger portion).

Monday night can still be a fun night in the Mission to be out because there are still a lot of people out and about, but you can enjoy most restaurants without the crazy lines.

Below are my photos from my Monday night in the Mission. (To get an idea of what you’re looking at, you have to click through to Flickr to read the caption. Sorry, haven’t figured out how to add captions into the slideshow.) The slideshow is also archived in my Exhibits section where you can also find other photo essays.

5 Responses to Special Exhibit: Mission on a Monday Night

  1. Carolyn Jung says:

    My hubby surprised me by taking me to dinner at Commonwealth for “date night.” Loved the place! Modern without being fussy or pretentious in any way. It’s truly a restaurant of the times.

  2. Foodhoe says:

    Hmmm, I don’t see a slideshow while viewing on an iPad… Love urchins, sounds like a fun way to spend a Monday night. I think Yamoussoukro is a Burmese restaurant btw

    • Ben Ben says:

      Hmm, I bet it has to do something with Apple not having an agreement for Flash ability on its mobile apps. I bet you can view the slideshow on your macbook. 😉

  3. Foodhoe says:

    Grrrr, hate auto correct… That would be Yamo restaurant I meant!

    • Ben Ben says:

      LOL, that’s so hilarious that they’d autocorrect to such a long word, and the capital of Côte d’Ivoire. I’m interested in trying that place out now that I know it’s Burmese. But not sure if I want to wait.