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UPDATE: This restaurant closed in January 2015.

For a restaurant that took months to come together because of delays, you’d think the new Box and Bells would have a clear, focused format.

But from the beginning, I couldn’t figure out what Box and Bells is supposed to be. The restaurant in the former Somerset location […]

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I’ve been a tea lover for years, and in the last couple of years I’ve been obsessed with milk tea such as Hong Kong milk tea and Thai iced tea. So when I received an invite for a special event involving milk and tea, I was so there.

The event last Wednesday was sponsored by the […]

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San Francisco’s Charles Phan of Slanted Door fame is becoming a true restaurateur, opening up several restaurants in the city of varying formats. While most of them stay trued to his Chinese-Vietnamese heritage (Out the Door, the defunct Wo Hing General Store), his latest Hard Water is a bit of a departure.

Hard […]

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It’s no secret I’m a big baseball fan, but right now the San Francisco Giants are playing retro torture baseball, making it really hard to watch.

So when the game’s not going well, it’s nice to check out another sport or some cute guy across the way. You can do both at Hi Tops, […]

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UPDATE: This restaurant suddenly closed in April 2015.

The Bay Area has its share of thin-crust artisan pizzerias, so recently opened Build Pizzeria Roma in Berkeley tries to stand out from the crowd with a gimmick that lets you create your own pie by choosing your own toppings.

The expansive dining room and adjacent bar […]

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A newspaper watering hole from days gone by was typically a spot around the corner of a newspaper where rough-around-the-edges men would drink and smoke, blowing off steam after deadline.

At the new Tribune Tavern, there are no cranky news men and, really, there’s no newspaper. But the spirit of an old time watering hole […]

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