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Every cupcake at Saint Cupcake Galore is like a vision, perfectly frosted swirls or shimmering ganache. The large bakery makes decision-making a tough task, but one most willingly take on.

I checked out the bakery – on the edge of the Pearl District and downtown – because it was my brother-in-law’s birthday […]

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There once was a young cook named Ben, who served the young prince James in Cupcakeland. The cook made the young prince his favorite dish of apple pie every day, morning, noon and night.

Then one day the young prince grew tired of apple pie. The cook tried his best to entice Prince James. He […]

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I must be slacking in keeping up with the cupcake shops around the Bay Area because I found out from SF Weekly’s Top 10 Cupcake list that there are a few places still new to me. One of these yet-to-be discovered spots actually topped the list, at least according to the weekly.

Let’s Cupcake […]

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