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Put a fork in me because I’m done.

Wait, on second thought, don’t poke me. I may just burst from all the food I’ve been eating the last four days at Feast Portland, the massive food festival here in the wildly weird and quirky city in the Pacific Northwest.

This is my […]

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It’s no secret that Portland is one of my favorite food cities, which I’ve been discovering the last few years with short trips to visit my sisters who also make their homes in this Northwest city.

But I’m not the only one who fancies Portland’s food scene, as demonstrated by various national […]

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Oakland’s Jack London Square was ground zero this weekend for a gathering of food trucks and grass-roots food businesses showcasing the great tastes of the area, with crowds enjoying the warm weather and unique food.

In its fourth year, the Eat Real Festival hasn’t slowed down at all, although this year for some odd reason […]

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