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Although I’ll go far and wide to try a new restaurant, I’m always excited when I hear about something opening close to my Oakland home. It’s the idea of finding a regular hangout that I always find appealing (that’s probably from my growing up watching “Cheers”).

So I was excited to check out the new Duchess […]

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With the popularity of burger shacks and hot dog stands, Holy Dog fuses the two together and puts an Asian twist on them in a five-month-old spot in the Fillmore District.

It’s part of a slew of new eating destinations in the neighborhood, across from the white-hot State Bird […]

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The Fifth Taste in Burgers

On November 2, 2011 By

We have several things to thank Los Angeles for – frozen yogurt, Korean tacos, cupcakes. But burgers? Um, been there, done that.

Is there anything new that we can learn about a good juicy hamburger from the Los Angeles chain Umami Burger? Judging from the crowds outside the chain’s first Northern California outpost in San […]

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