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A Bay Area Bagel Bonanza

On October 24, 2012 By

Seems like the bagel is the latest hot comfort food in these parts, with several new bagel shops opening up – especially in Oakland.

One that got a lot of buzz when it first opened a few months ago is Beauty’s Bagel Shop on Telegraph Avenue (a couple of blocks from the MacArthur BART station). […]

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Oakland’s Jack London Square was ground zero this weekend for a gathering of food trucks and grass-roots food businesses showcasing the great tastes of the area, with crowds enjoying the warm weather and unique food.

In its fourth year, the Eat Real Festival hasn’t slowed down at all, although this year for some odd reason […]

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One sense that can really transport you to somewhere else, even if it’s just in your imagination, is the sense of smell. The fragrance of lavender puts you in the middle of lavender fields in Provence. The freshness of Meyer lemons take you to your grandmother’s backyard. And perhaps the scent of vanilla takes you […]

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Some of you might have been on a pub crawl. That is, if you can remember the night. But how about dropping in on four restaurants in one night?

That’s the concept behind Dishcrawl, a social dining experiment that gathers a bunch of food lovers together to roam a neighborhood and visit four (undisclosed) […]

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I’m not a coffee drinker, but if I were, Bicycle Coffee would be one of those places I’d check out.

A roaster that sells organic, fair-trade, Arabica coffee beans at various stores in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley, its twist to the coffee world is that it delivers its beans on bikes from distribution spots […]

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UPDATE: This restaurant closed and re-opened as Slicer Pizza in 2013.

The newly opened Local Café is hitching its wagon to the local sustainability gravy train, but to me its name takes a literal geographical definition because it’s just three blocks away from my apartment.

Opened next door to the popular Adesso on Oakland’s Piedmont […]

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Hunting for New Food at Eat Real

On September 25, 2011 By

Thousands showed up for this year’s version of the Eat Real Festival – everyone except the sun, that is.

After two years of perfect late summer weather along Jack London Square’s waterfront, where this smorgasbord of food truck and street food love takes place, this year was overcast skies and quite a bit of wind.


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What could glow like the warm winter flame in a fireplace or remind one of a sunset over a sandy beach during a long-needed vacation?

That’s what I pondered when I looked at the three balloon wine glasses in front of me filled with orange wine.

Orange wines have started to pop up around wine […]

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