A couple of weekends ago, I went to the Asian Heritage Street Fair in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood. And for the first time, several food trucks were parked in one section of the fair.

Selected for their Asian offerings, there were the well-known food trucks such as The Chairman and Seoul on Wheels. But there were also two new trucks that I never heard of or never had a chance to try their food.

The first is a fairly new truck called Koja Kitchen, which emphasizes Korean and Japanese cuisine. Its main offerings are Korean-style meats sandwiched into a rice bun. The rice buns aren’t steamed buns made of rice flour. Instead, they’re almost like rice crackers, except freshly rice kernels with a crispy edge.

The Koja Kitchen food truck

I tried the Korean BBQ Chicken with Pineapple ($5.50), which included strips of Korean BBQ chicken with a whole caramelized pineapple slice. As you can imagine, it’s a bit messy to eat with the rice buns, which do fall apart a bit (imagine eating a musubi rice ball) but was so worth it because of the nice flavor of both the chicken and pineapple. (I thought the pineapple would be too sweet, but it wasn’t.)

The second truck I tried was JapaCurry’s food truck, which has been around for a few months serving up curry around the Financial District. I ordered the pork tonkotsu curry ($7), which as you might know is the only real way to eat Japanese curry. The fried tonkotsu slices were well done, although a bit dry.

The curry on the side was tasty, with a nice sweetness to it, albeit a bit on the oily side. Still, it was pretty good for something being dished out from a truck.

I was excited trying these two new trucks, especially Koja Kitchen. Their products show that food trucks can be more than fusion tacos.

Food trucks parked for the first time at the Asian Heritage Street Fair in San Francisco.

Part of the Koja Kitchen truck design parked in front of a street mural in the Tenderloin

Korean BBQ Chicken with Pineapple from the Koja Kitchen truck

Mochi tiramisu from Koja Kitchen truck includes a layer of chocolate mochi

The JapaCurry food truck

JapaCurry's pork tonkotsu curry plate

6 Responses to Trying Two Asian Food Trucks

  1. arlene says:

    did u try the mochi tiramisu? i thought it was just ok last time I tried it, my friend loved it.

    • Ben Ben says:

      No, I didn’t get to try it because I was so full from the curry. But I love tiramisu and I was so tempted. It looked good.

  2. Sandy says:

    I LOVE Japacurry! I like their curry (although, yes it is a bit oily) and I really like their croquettes. They used to come by where I work but not so much anymore 🙁

    • Ben Ben says:

      Sandy, have you tried Kare Ken yet? I think their curry is better than Japacurry, but Japacurry is good for on the road.

  3. Carolyn Jung says:

    Oily curry? Oh no. That’s too bad it’s like that. But that pineapple chicken looks divine.

    • Ben Ben says:

      It’s not oily to the point that I couldn’t eat it. It was still tasty. And yeah, I really liked the chicken pineapple rice bun from Koja Kitchen.