It’s no secret that Portland is one of my favorite food cities, which I’ve been discovering the last few years with short trips to visit my sisters who also make their homes in this Northwest city.

But I’m not the only one who fancies Portland’s food scene, as demonstrated by various national food magazines giving the city some gastronomical love. Next month, hundreds of people will celebrate Portlandia’s food at the annual Feast Portland food festival, Sept. 14 to 17, 2017.

Scenes from the Grand Tasting event at Pioneer Courthouse Square.

The Night Market is one of the popular events held outdoors.

I visited this food festival three years ago, when it was just two years old. Now it’s grown into a major stop in the food circuit and I’m happy to return again this year. A similar food festival takes place closer to home next weekend, but I find Feast Portland more interesting (it’s four days of fun and has more events to choose from) and more affordable (several events are under $100 where San Francisco’s version is often north of that).

Feast Portland is so popular that many of the marquee events (like the unique outdoor Friday Night Market) and special dinners sell out once tickets go on sale. But there are still some tickets available for some events, so jump on them now before they’re gone and join the festivities in Portland.

Tickets Still Available

  • Sandwich Invitation. The festival kicks off Thursday with this main event where 19 chefs put their spin on a classic sandwich. Attendees get to wash down their sammies with craft brews or wine.
  • Friday Grand Tasting. This two-day event in the heart of downtown Portland at the Pioneer Courthouse Square lets you munch your way around a variety of Portland eats. The Saturday event is already sold out, so Friday’s your best bet.
  • “Quenching America’s New Thirst” and “Pilsners: So Fresh and Clean.” These are two of the drink-focused events still available on Friday where you can learn more about beaujolais (Thirst) and that pale lager (Pilsners).
  • Ice Cream Social. Can’t believe this isn’t sold out yet, but this hands-on class features Food52 instructors with ideas on how to turn store-bought ice cream into fancy dinner-party desserts.
  • “Kilts Not Required: American Malts” and “Punch Power: Drinks for a Crowd.” These are the two Saturday drinks events that are also available.
  • Vegetables: A Love Story. There’s something for everyone and this Bon Appetit event features healthy dishes using everyone’s favorite greens.
  • Smith Tea Presents Botany 201. This hands-on class is taught by Smith Teamakers, one of my favorite tea sellers and one of Portland’s more notable teamakers.
  • Because Breakfast. This intimate event on Sunday at Stumptown Coffee Roasters features some of the city’s best bakers who will make mini breakfast items from crepes to pastries to donuts.
  • Spiked Tea with Bull in China. This Sunday drink event shows how tea can be an essential ingredients to some fun cocktails.
  • Pizza & Burgers. What better way to party than with pizzas and burgers, and oh yeah, a DJ. This “fun-size” events help close out Feast Portland’s festivities.

Get tickets and see the full event schedule on the Feast Portland site.

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  1. Carolyn Jung says:

    Have a wonderful time! Can’t wait to see what you eat there. 😉