Ben Seto aka The Single Guy got his start in the food blogosphere when he created Cooking With the Single Guy in 2006. Five years later, he refocused his blogging experience to showcase his love of food photography with Focus:Snap:Eat. For more than 10 years, he’s been eating around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, all for his food blog fans.

With Focus: Snap: Eat, Ben hopes to have his photos tell the story, with an assist now and then from his words. A resident of Oakland, Ben spotlights food he finds in his kitchen, around restaurants and shops in the Bay Area, and from his culinary adventures when traveling.

A self-taught home cook, Ben enjoys a variety of cuisine but is influenced by his Chinese-American heritage and his childhood growing up in Honolulu. He loves lavender and hates eggplants. But isn’t afraid to try everything else in between. If you see him snapping photos at a restaurant, don’t be a hater.

NOTE: For dining reviews, Ben pays for all his eating experiences. In the rare occasion that he’s invited as a guest for dinner, he’ll make that clear (and typically in those cases won’t give his standard four-snaps rating).

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If you’re interested in hearing Ben talk more about his food photography, listen to this podcast, Local Biz Talk, where he chats with his friend, Christina Mitchell, about tips for small businesses looking to take food photos.