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They’re the ones who know your favorite bread or give you the best wedge of cheese. They call you by your first name and give a little piece of candy for little Jimmy.

They’re the neighborhood grocer right around the corner.

Sometimes I get a bit nostalgic and I think about a simpler time, and […]

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Underground Market Makes a Comeback

On September 9, 2012 By

There were still the dim lights and warehouse-like space. There were still the small vendors, some known but more unknown, pushing their pre-made goods. And there were the crowds looking for a fun Friday night in San Francisco.

Not much has changed for the Underground Market by forage SF except maybe the absence of […]

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Freshly washed cobbled stone paths. The sound of metal screeching as vendors open up their booths. People calling out “buon dia” to those walking by. This is morning in La Boqueria, the largest and probably most well-known market in Spain.

While visiting Barcelona with my sister and niece, our hotel was just a […]

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Two Mercados. One City.

On June 25, 2012 By

Others visit museums. I visit markets when on vacation.

Here in Madrid, I found that the markets are small and intimate, not the vast expanse of something like La Boqueria that’s ahead of me when I head over to Barcelona. But in this Spanish capital, I visited two markets that offered different experiences […]

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I’ve been in Arizona this week to watch spring training baseball, and in between innings I plotted my food adventures for after the game.

On Wednesday after sitting through nine innings of the Oakland A’s and Dodgers game that ended in a tie (such is spring training where nothing counts), I went to […]

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One sense that can really transport you to somewhere else, even if it’s just in your imagination, is the sense of smell. The fragrance of lavender puts you in the middle of lavender fields in Provence. The freshness of Meyer lemons take you to your grandmother’s backyard. And perhaps the scent of vanilla takes you […]

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It’s award-season weekend, and while some of you were celebrating all things golden, a few award winners gathered at the San Francisco Ferry Building to celebrate some of the best foods produced in the country.

The second annual Good Foods Awards were named this weekend, celebrating hand-made food products in the categories of beer, charcuterie, […]

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San Francisco’s Ferry Building is no doubt the city’s food Mecca with its popular farmers’ markets (Thursdays and especially Saturdays) and high-end gourmet food shops inside. Doesn’t hurt that the refurbished former ferry station is strikingly beautiful.

In the past year, the Ferry Building had some changes in tenants, with some popular ones leaving supposedly […]

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I’m not a coffee drinker, but if I were, Bicycle Coffee would be one of those places I’d check out.

A roaster that sells organic, fair-trade, Arabica coffee beans at various stores in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley, its twist to the coffee world is that it delivers its beans on bikes from distribution spots […]

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