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A few years ago, I discovered Thai iced tea and since then it’s my favorite drink to order whenever I go to any Asian restaurant that offers it.

There’s no doubt I’m a visual eater because I fell in love with the color, a sort of burnt amber that turns into this marvelous marbling swirl […]

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I recently started roasting potatoes in my skillet and found that 1) it’s a nice, easy clean-up instead of a roasting pan and 2) the potatoes get a more crispy edge frying on the skillet in the oven.

Then that reminded me that this is probably also the first step in making a good hash, […]

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Sometimes when it gets so hot in the summer, I dread cooking dinner and the idea of firing up the stove top — worst yet, turn on the oven.

So it’s nice to keep things simple. Better yet, eating something nice and cold. That’s where this Korean cold noodle dish comes in.

I’ve had this dish […]

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One of my favorite memories of my trip to Sydney, Australia, three years ago is enjoying a slice of a strawberry-watermelon cake from Black Star Pastry on a sunny day, after days of rain.

I don’t know if it was the breeze on a sunny day or just the fact that I was on vacation, […]

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Some nights when I’m looking for a quick dinner, I often go with the typical standbys like pan-roasted salmon or any kind of stir-fry.

But recently I remembered I had a bag of lap cheong (Chinese sausage) in the freezer, and that made me crave one of the first dishes my Mom taught me to […]

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Rainy Day Lemon Bars via Montreal

On February 22, 2017 By

We’ve been having a deluge of rain in the San Francisco Bay Area this winter, and typically when it rains, I either stay at home and cook or I dream about getting away and being somewhere nice.

This past wet holiday weekend, I spent the day doing both as I baked lemon bars from the […]

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With rainy days, I’m typically at home cozying up to my blanket on my sofa watching Chef’s Table on Netflix. And just for added ambiance, it’s always nice to be braising meat in the oven for that enticing aroma.

For that, beef cheeks are one of my favorite go-to cuts when I can find them […]

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Santa might find a lot of snickerdoodles on the plate on Christmas eve, but surprise him with a subtle kick of chai like these chai snickerdoodles I baked for the holidays recently.

They’re a recipe from the Raw Spice Bar, which sells spices online. I used its chai spice blend that gives you that complex […]

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Crab + Uni = Love; a Pasta Recipe

On December 7, 2016 By

I’ve been dying from seeing all the Dungeness crab posts on social media lately. Crab season in the San Francisco Bay Area only started last week and people have been eating up a storm without me. I guess they were all making up for last year’s disastrous, nearly non-existent crab season when warm waters made […]

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Halloween over the years has really turned into more of a party for the adults than the kids.

So when I started seeing red beets in the farmers markets lately, the bleeding red that typically happens when cooking with beets inspired me to create this dramatic pasta dish for a very adult-like Halloween dinner.

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A few months ago for my birthday my brother got me a 10-inch Staub cast iron skillet, which looks so sleek with its dark cast iron interior and French red enamel exterior.

But I actually never got around to using it until this weekend, when I decided to make a frittata inspired by a delicious […]

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I want to start a movement now to make gai lan the new kale.

Gai lan (pronounced GUY-LAHN) is also known as Chinese broccoli and you see them often at the Asian grocery stores. They’re a dark, leafy green with texture just like broccoli but they don’t have the mushroom-style caps of broccoli. This is […]

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I recently did something I haven’t done in years — deep fried chicken!

Regular followers of this blog know I have an aversion to deep fried foods, and generally avoid making them and even ordering them at restaurants. But last weekend I was going to a potluck with my food blogging crew — Sandy of Foodhoe’s Foraging, […]

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This upcoming weekend is the July Fourth holiday and as the original “Brexits,” why not celebrate with … salmon!

I know, not the most likely of proteins for an independence day table, but I love salmon so much I find any opportunity to grill it. In fact, I made this exact same recipe during the […]

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