The lights of the Ferry Building’s arcade always make an evening event special.

What can be better than a night of specialty cocktails and appetizers from San Francisco’s popular restaurants and bars? Throw in a few puppies for the win.

Last week I attended CUESA’s first cocktail event for the year, its “Paws and Pours” Winter Cocktail Event, which was a fundraiser that involved a cuddle pen of puppies from the San Francisco SPCA. CUESA’s seasonal cocktail events are also a popular night of festivities, but this one had a fun air of playful puns and, of course, the puppies.

I brought along my niece Margot and she was in seventh heaven spending time in the cuddle pen with the four or five puppies that bounced around from one person to another. It was a long wait for the 10 minutes of cuddle time, but there was a lot to do to kill the time with the bartenders who set up stations through the arcade of the San Francisco Ferry Building to serve up their special drinks inspired by ingredients from the farmers market.

This being winter, many of the cocktails were infused with citrus, from blood oranges to lemons to grapefruit. Bartenders from more than a dozen local bars participated, including those from Dirty Habit, Villon, 15 Romolo, Tradition and Hello Stranger (from across the bay in Oakland). A few bites helped to absorb all the alcohol, and this time there was more of an emphasis on vegetarian options, including the yuzu soy noodles from Hodo Soy and yogurt parfait from Dirty Habit.

It was a woof-derful night of tasting and play.

One Response to Drunk on Puppy Love at CUESA’s Winter Cocktails Event ‘Paws & Pours’

  1. Carolyn Jung says:

    OMG, puppies and cocktails? What a genius idea. If that doesn’t get a person in a happy mood, I don’t know what will. LOL

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