Doughnut Dolly was a term used in London for women who brought doughnuts and coffee to the troops during WWI. But a two-month-old donut shop of the same name that opened in Oakland is not a throwback to war times but an elegant modern bakeshop.

The tiny store opened in what’s known as Alley 49 – two rows of small businesses selling everything from clothing to coffee to furniture (there’s even a barber shop) – all off of 49th Street in the Temescal neighborhood.

Doughnut Dolly owner Hannah Hoffman used the online fund-raising site Kickstarter to help her open the shop, where she serves organic, freshly fried sugared doughnuts that are hand-filled with specialty flavors. When I visited this morning, the three featured flavors were wild yellow plum jam, Seascape strawberry, and her signature “Naughty Cream” (crème fraiche with vanilla bean).

Hoffman fills each doughnut ($3 each) after you’ve ordered, using a German contraption. She says filling the doughnut right before it’s eaten makes sure that the filling isn’t absorbed into the dough. Her doughnuts were nice and airy, and the Naughty Cream wasn’t naughty as much as it was decadent, with the light crème fraiche making this one sophisticated doughnut.

Doughnut Dolly’s doughnuts are best eaten right away to enjoy the freshness, so get there early because Hoffman is opened till 3 p.m. or when she runs out. I have a feeling she closes early often.

Doughnut Dolly, 482B 49th St. (at Telegraph), Oakland. Open Wed.–Sun., from 8 a.m.–3 p.m. PH: 510.338.6738

Doughnut Dolly promises delicious doughnuts and it delivers

Airy round sugared doughnuts ready to be filled

A plate of seasonal persimmons add to the autumn feel

Owner Hannah Hoffman fills a doughnut with her “Naughty Cream” made of creme fraiche and vanilla bean

Wait, is it doughnuts or donuts? Either way it’s good

Doughnut Dolly sells a few other specialty items, such as this bottled coffee

Jars of marmalade and jam for sale

My box of filled doughnuts. I got one of each flavor, eating one right away and saving the other two for the afternoon.

Alley 49 is two rows of cute shops in the Temescal neighborhood off 49th Street and Telegraph Avenue in Oakland

3 Responses to Filled Donuts Arrive in Temescal’s Alley 49

  1. Row says:

    Mmm, donuts/doughnuts. I could eat one or five of those! Did you think that the freshly-filled donuts were any different from the usual kinds that are “already filled”?

    • Ben Ben says:

      I never really thought about whether a filled doughnut was maybe soggy from sitting all day absorbing the filling. I guess that’s maybe why fillings are typically jelly so maybe that’s harder to absorb? The naughty cream definitely wouldn’t last all day because it would lose its whipped texture and become liquid I bet. I ate that right away. The strawberry and plum did affect the doughnut when I ate it later in the day. I have had other filled doughnuts (I’ve talked about my love for bomboloni) and I don’t recall them having a problem with the filling. So a lot probably depends on who makes it. It’s nice to think everything is made to order.

  2. Carolyn Jung says:

    Naughty Cream? I love that. So great that they make the effort to fill them fresh like that. Makes all the difference.