Tasting of new menu items during a media preview at Farley’s East.

Much is happening in Oakland’s Uptown neighborhood, and these days you have to be bigger and better.

That’s the route Farley’s East is going as it prepares to unveil its new expanded space at its Grand Avenue location, where it took over the space next door and doubled the size of its cafe. I was invited to a preview recently to check out the space (which was still being finished while I was there) and some of the new items on the expanded menu.

Farley’s, the San Francisco cafe that moved over to the East Bay a few years ago, has a steady flow of customers for lunch and those with laptops in hand at night (they’re open till 9 p.m.). The new space adds beer and wine on tap to its coffee program, and in recognition of the lunch lines a new grab-and-go refrigerated section for sandwiches and salads.

Most of the new items aren’t necessarily innovative, but that’s Farley’s style, which is a neighborhood cafe with simple and quality foods. It’s only now that it’s adding an avocado toast to the menu (yeah, they spiced it up with Japanese togarashi), almost as if to say they do trends on their own timeline. Other new items include a chipotle mac and cheese.

You can check out Farley’s new space during its current soft opening mode, and get the full treatment when it officially unveils the new space on July 14.

The deets: Farley’s East, 33 Grand Ave., Oakland. PH: 510.835.7898. Open daily from 7 a.m. weekdays and 8 a.m. weekends, and closes at 9 p.m. Website

A look at the new space, which adds more tables for the popular Grand Avenue cafe.

The Farley’s logo comes to life in new artwork in the new space.

New chipotle mac and cheese

Wine is now available, and baked goods from nearby Firebrand Artisan Breads.

New salads include a healthy protein bowl (foreground) and cobb salad.

An interesting light fixture from Paris adorns the new space.

Bar on the expanded section of Farley’s.

Beer on tap, mostly from local breweries.

Farley’s contribution to the avocado toast debate.

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