Psycho Donuts sometimes masquerades as a coffee shop

With colors that look like they came straight from a Silly String can, the donuts at Psycho Donuts live up to their name. Take one bite and there’s no argument that Psycho Donuts is also crazy good.

Since it opened its doors in Campbell, Psycho Donuts has gained a reputation for some of its whacky creations, including donuts named Cereal Killer, Dead Elvis, and the Headbanger. Some of its early donut names that played off psychiatric conditions (such as “Bipolar” and “Manic Malt”) offended those in the mental health community, and most of those out-there names are no longer in use. It now plays with craziness like dead celebrities such as “The Michael Jackson” – a chocolate cake donut with powdered sugar.

I’ve been meaning to check this place out, so I had it on my list of “places to check out when I rent a car.” That happened this past Thanksgiving weekend when my niece was in town and I rented a car to show her around. First stop: Psycho Donuts.

The colors are crazy

We actually visited its second location in San Jose because it was more convenient to my niece’s shopping mission (being somewhat close to Santana Row). The San Jose location is in the lobby of a movie theater. It feels like it might be smaller than the original location, but it does carry some of the same features such as the padded room where you can dress up in crazy outfits and take photos of yourself. The store is more than just donuts but an experience.

As for the donuts, it’s hard to decide what to get but all the donuts we tried we enjoyed, including my favorite – the Clumsy Crunch, a chocolate cake donut with crumbled Butterfinger toppings. Nothing’s normal or what you would expect at Psycho, and that includes several donuts shaped as squares.

There’s a risk that some Psycho Donuts can be too sweet, but maybe being hopped up on sugar will put you in the right frame of mind for these unique treats.

Psycho Donuts, locations in Campbell and San Jose. Check hours on its website.

Pumpkin spice donuts with a marshmallow filling

The lighting is a row of eye balls

The Padded Room

The Clumsy Crunch is a cake donut with Butterfinger topping

I'm not ashamed to go psycho for these donuts

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15 Responses to Putting the Nuts in Donuts

  1. agent713 says:

    Looks like a fun place although I feel like I need to go brush my teeth after just reading this post!

  2. foodhoe says:

    What a fun spot! Square donuts and cereal toppings… too much sugar does create quite creative flair!

  3. rosemary says:

    I’ve only gone to the campbell one about every other week, but have not had a donut that I dont like. My fav are the cereal killer,apricotology, and the cookie moster.Keep up the awsome work guys and gals!!

    • Ben Ben says:

      You’re lucky you’re so close. I would go every other week too if I lived nearby. Maybe it’s a good thing then that I have to rent a car just to get my Psycho Donuts fix. Haha

  4. Sandy says:

    I’ve been hearing about this place– it looks delicious! Also, just recently discovered your blog and think its awesome! Let me know what you think of mine:

    • Randolph says:

      Sandy, that’s pretty rude of you.

    • Ben Ben says:

      Welcome, Sandy. I did check out your blog and it looks pretty cool too! Keep it up! (Randolph, were you saying Sandy’s rude because she included her link? It doesn’t bother me so much unless they specifically ask me for a link exchange, and I don’t automatically do it. But I welcome all comments. 🙂 )

  5. David says:

    Hey Ben, you always say no to fried foods so I was surprised to see you review this place.

    • Ben Ben says:

      Somehow when you coat it with tons of sugar, I don’t detect the grease. LOL. I admit I do sometimes break the rules for donuts because they’re more like cake instead of fried chicken. But it’s not like I get a donut every day. 😉

  6. I had a friend bring me a dozen, and I sampled one topped with Froot Loops and another with Count Chocula (I think, or Oreos). I agree, it was pretty sugary and dense. I will have to make the trek out there myself to try your fave, the Clumsy Crunch w/crumbled Butterfingers. Whoa, I am on a sugar high just thinking of it!

  7. hungry dog says:

    Fun idea! I actually don’t care much for donuts but I am totally intrigued by this place and would definitely stop in if I was in the neighborhood.

  8. Mrs. L says:

    So glad you finally made it down to my area! Love Psycho Donuts. I still remember at the original location being given “bubble wrap” to pop while waiting in line…supposedly to get out our aggressions before ordering! Love their donuts. They make fantastic fritters too.

    • Ben Ben says:

      LOL, yeah, there was bubble wrap at this store too. My niece who was with me thought it was funny when she saw it. There wasn’t a line so we didn’t need the distraction.

  9. Carolyn Jung says:

    Those eyeball lights are crazy fun. And yes — you eat donuts but not other fried foods??! You make me laugh. 😉