So some of you may have heard that I’m headed to check out Feast Portland next weekend, but I’m not the only one from the Bay Area you’ll find.

The popular food festival, running from Sept. 14 to 17, features chefs and purveyors primarily from Portland and other parts of Oregon. But there will also be a few out-of-town chefs and guests, including the following from San Francisco:

  • Tony Cervone of Souvla

    Tony Cervone, chef and partner of the fine-casual Souvla eatery, which serves up Greek dishes first in Hayes Valley but now also in NOPA and the Mission. Chef Cervone takes part in the first day’s Sandwich Invitational, entering the restaurant’s specialty lamb sandwich in a grilled pita. Souvla is also bringing its Greek frozen yogurt in a special pop up on Saturday, Sept. 16, at the Wiz Bang Bar (if you’re not familiar with this ice cream stand, it’s from the people behind Salt & Straw). Souvla will be serving up its special toppings for the yogurt, including a baklava crumble topping created by Wiz Bang Bar.

  • Chris Cosentino of San Francisco’s Cockscomb and Portland’s Jackrabbit.

    Chris Cosentino, chef and co-owner of Cockscomb. Cosentino is no stranger to Feast Portland having appeared in the past, and he’s no stranger to Portland, visiting so often that he ended up opening a restaurant there (Jackrabbit). He’ll be cooking with fellow chefs Chris Diminno and Sam Mason (Oddfellows in New York) in a dinner series “Game, On” on Thursday night featuring savoring dishes with ice cream sweets.

  • Josh Johnson, pastry chef of San Francisco’s Guittard Chocolate, will be serving up the desserts for the dinner series “Lamb, Bones and Butter” on Friday night featuring chefs Jason French (Ned Ludd of Portland) and Gabrielle Hamilton (New York’s Prune).
  • Ravi Kapur of Liholiho Yacht Club

    Ravi Kapur, chef/owner of Liholiho Yacht Club, joins the barbecue game with Saturday’s “Smoked!” event along with 20 other chefs. Not sure what he’s making but I bet there’ll be an island twist to it. Joining him and the other breweries serving up drinks at the event will be San Francisco’s Magnolia Brewing Co.

Not surprisingly, the events these San Francisco chefs are scheduled to appear at are all sold out. Still, if you want to be a part of Feast Portland (and maybe bump into me), you can check out the few remaining events available on the Feast Portland site.

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