During baseball season, I like to take a day off in the middle of the week on occasion to catch some Giants baseball. Not only does it give me a chance to get game tickets at a slightly lower rate, but it lets me explore SOMA after the game.

Walking from AT&T Park to the BART station on Market Street, there’s now a plethora of dining options to catch one’s eye. Even on today’s foggy summer day (hello, it’s San Francisco!), I could still spot some interesting places to check out while I enjoyed my humpday of fun.

The 2nd Street corridor is especially hopping with some cool places, with many catering to the many tech companies that are based in the area. During the weekends, I don’t get to see this area bustling as it typically does during the weekdays.

After the Giants won (woo-hoo!) over the reigning World Series Champs Chicago Cubs, I started my stroll back to BART, stopping first at Steep Creamery & Tea, a tiny modern cafe that specializes in the currently hot Thai-style rolled ice cream.

Enjoying a day game at AT&T Park.

With the Cubs in town, I decided to lunch on a Chicago dog and Blue Moon beer.

I’d never heard of rolled ice cream, but it’s apparently the new way to eat ice cream. And it’s perfect for the Instagram nation because of its unique presentation. In fact, Steep Creamery has a little light box studio setup at the corner of its shop for customers to snap their ice cream bowls.

I tried the Thai iced tea rolled ice cream with coconut pudding squares and fresh strawberries (I skipped the typical boba because I’m not a fan of the chewy boba balls). The Thai iced tea flavor was on point, and in reality you really just scoop into the rolled ice cream like you typically would of normal ice cream (although I admit I sometimes felt tempted to pick up a roll with my finger and take a bite like a spring roll).

Next stop was some coffee time at the relatively new Blue Bottle cafe in South Park. Blue Bottle has been on an expansion spree of late with several new cafes, and this South Park location on 2nd is bustling with nearby office workers (and several post-Giants game fans) getting caffeinated.

And since I was in the area, I decided to finally check out Rooster & Rice for an early dinner.

This tiny spot in an office building housing several tech companies is probably a popular spot for the work lunch crowd. It simply serves the popular Thai poached chicken dish known as khao mun gai. They offer several variations of the dish, but I got the classic, which is simply poached chicken served with a spicy chili-ginger-garlic-soybean sauce. The piping hot sipping broth on the side was a great accompaniment.

If you’re a Giants fan, next time you leave the ball park after a day game, don’t just jump on Muni or head to your car. Take a stroll on 2nd Street and you’ll find some fun bites along the way.

The weather didn’t really cooperate on my humpday fun day.

Rolled ice cream from Steep is Instagram-ready.

Thai iced tea flavor with coconut pudding and fresh strawberries, $6.

Soy latte at Blue Bottle’s South Park cafe.

Art gazing along 2nd Street.

Khao mun gai from Rooster & Rice, $11.95

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