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I’ve made it clear in the past that I’m not a big fan of Mexican cuisine because all the dishes seem to use the basic ingredients. But I do like a burrito now and then for a solid, no-fuss lunch.

So when people decide to play with the burrito concept, I get excited about some […]

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While visiting family in Hawaii, I decided I wanted to get a nice seafood dinner. I mean, we’re on an island surrounded by the sea so there must be good fish to be had.

Growing up, Nimitz Highway was always a freeway that ran through the industrial area on the southern part of […]

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Tekka, a longtime sushi restaurant run by an old Japanese couple, is one of those places people don’t want to talk about that often – because they don’t want the word to get out and bring more crowds to the popular inner Richmond spot.

With only 11 seats, this indiscreet hole-in-the-wall has so many rules […]

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New Sushi Spot Joins Mission Crowd

On September 5, 2012 By

Earlier this summer I saw the documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” and if you’ve seen it too and you’re like me, you’re probably wondering if you’ll ever taste such exquisite sushi as one imagines is being served by sushi master Jiro Ono.

Of course, since then I’ve been craving sushi. But knowing I could […]

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