San Francisco’s Ferry Building is no doubt the city’s food Mecca with its popular farmers’ markets (Thursdays and especially Saturdays) and high-end gourmet food shops inside. Doesn’t hurt that the refurbished former ferry station is strikingly beautiful.

In the past year, the Ferry Building had some changes in tenants, with some popular ones leaving supposedly because of controversial increasing lease rents. Not every spot has been filled, but several established tenants have actually expanded (Cowgirl Creamery added its Milk Bar last year; Slanted Door started selling its wares) and I’m noticing more and more pop up counters along the already crowded promenade.

It’s always fun exploring the Ferry Building, and during the recent holiday break I took some photos of some of the new things (or somewhat new to me), notably the recently opened American Eatery from Prather Ranch (which also opened a snazzy new shop across the hall from the old spot).

At the eatery, I tried the hamburger, which was pretty pricey at $8 for a simple hamburger with thinly sliced red onions, leafy lettuce and a special sauce. But it was actually quite satisfying, with its wonderful char grill taste and an expertly done medium rare patty. (The counter person said it would be medium, but it was quite pink that it was almost rare, but with the quality of Prather Ranch’s meat, I wasn’t worry about any pinkish parts.)

Here are some shots of what’s new, and you can also go to my Exhibits section to view more photos in my slideshow of the Ferry Building.

Happy Girl Kitchen has a corner stand with many jars of pickled vegetables and goods

Another stand offers up raw foods under the name Pachamama

Black Jet Bakery went from a pop-up to an actually stand at the Ferry Building

Black Jet Bakery is next to Pepple's vegan donuts outside Sur La Table

LaCocina, the Mission small business incubator, promotes new businesses at its stand

The new American Eater from Prather Ranch opened last month

American Eatery's hamburger ($8) is cooked perfectly medium (rare)

4 Responses to What’s New in the Ferry Building

  1. Sandy says:

    Wow, Ben! I haven’t been to the ferry building in so long that I’ve missed all these new openings! Must visit soon… those vegan baked goods look amazing 🙂

  2. Exciting to see all those new developments at the Ferry Building, especially that La Cocina. I’d like to try out the foods there.

    As you say, the Ferry Building is like Food Mecca in SF. So crowded. They should start charging admission! (just kidding)

  3. Carolyn Jung says:

    Didn’t realize La Cocina had a stand there now. That’s so wonderful. It’s such a worthwhile business that I hope more and more people find out about its good works and good food. 😉

  4. foodhoe says:

    ooh, I must stop by and see if La Cocina sells those outrageous alfajores cookies! I love the ferry building, there is so much going on, must check out the Prather eatery too.