Brunch is a major sport in Portland, with several venues offering up breakfast dishes to hungry crowds throughout the weekend. One of the more popular spots, Tasty n Sons, serves up brunch to a thankful crowd every day of the week.

The two-year-old restaurant from Chef John Gorham is so popular that it’s planning to open a second location in downtown Portland early next year. I got to check out the neighborhood spot in Northeast Portland last week with my sister and her family.

The handsome restaurant drew a steady crowd, and we sat at a large communal table up front near the bar. Tasty n Sons offers up a lengthy brunch menu that isn’t your typical omelet fare, but instead providing several savory dishes that might hint at breakfast by adding an egg.

Tasty n Sons has a warehouse-like feel and consistently draws a waiting crowd for brunch

Our server told us that brunch at Tasty is a shared experience, with the menu divided between small and large plates. While the portions didn’t seem large enough to share IMHO, they were definitely tasty enough that everyone at the table wants a bite of.

A flavor winner is the frittata ($9), served up in a cast iron skillet and made with seasonal ingredients. During my visit, it came with colorful butternut squash and Brussels sprouts and leeks. The fluffy yellow egg was perked up with a heaping helping of feta cheese.

Even simple dishes were delightfully presented, like a chilled radicchio salad ($8) that was so fresh the radicchio leaves were at full attention, dressed in a light but creamy parmesan reggiano vinaigrette. And a plate of sautéed spinach ($5) said breakfast with a sunny side egg on top.

A simple dish of sauteed spinach ($5) gets a breakfast twist with a sunny side up egg on top

Not every dish was a success although I give Tasty n Sons credit for stretching one’s mind over what’s a typical brunch dish. For example, it serves up a Shakshuka ($10), which is a Tunisian-style dish that’s like a tomato stew (we added merguez sausage for an extra $2). The spices seemed too earthy for me, and that might be just a matter of preferences.

Overall, though, Tasty n Sons was an eye-opening feast to start the day, stretching brunch beyond pancakes and omelets.

Rating: 3 out of 4 camera snaps



Tasty n Sons, 3808 N. Williams, Suite C., Portland, Ore. PH: 503.621.1400. Reservations, major credit cards accepted. Open daily 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. (till 11 p.m. on Friday and Saturday). www.tastynsons.com

Tasty n Sons on Urbanspoon

Chocolate potato doughnuts ($1.50 each) came with a creme anglaise sauce

Cast-iron Frittata ($9) was my favorite dish of my whole trip with fluffy egg and luxuriously salty feta contrasting. The center is more feta goodness with a fried portion on top.

The large open kitchen stretch the length of the restaurant

Shaksuka is a Tunisian-influenced stew made with red pepper, tomato, merguez sausage served with toasted bread and baked eggs

You have to love a restaurant that butchers its meat fresh each day

Counter seating by the window gives a good view of the constant rain I got during my week in Portland. LOL

Tasty n Sons is in a modern building that’s home to small shops and other restaurants. The building was formerly a food bank.

5 Responses to Where Brunch Is King

  1. Karen Tran says:

    Tasty n Sons is one of my FAVORITES!!!! We had a cod there (about a year ago) was fabulous and there was a great chocolate beer float too – yummmm

  2. Row says:

    Looks yummy! The spinach and the sunny side up egg dish caught my eye… will have try it out at home. 🙂

  3. Carolyn Jung says:

    I think I could have half a dozen of those chocolate potato donuts and a strong cup of coffee — and call it a day. LOL I love places like that with so much personality in the ambiance and on the plate.