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The people behind San Francisco’s Two Sisters Bar and Books have re-emerged in Berkeley with a contemporary cafe with touches of Provencal in the new Les Arceaux Cafe and Wine Bar.

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the cafe by business partners and longtime friends Mikha Diaz and Alana O’Neal is a casual cafe during […]

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The story: Husband-and-wife Daiki and Sanae Saito opened Kiraku more than four years ago, bringing the izakaya (or Japanese gastropub) experience to Berkeley. The location was attractive because of the cheap rent, but the food they deliver offers a refined touch to the traditional izakaya.

Why I went: I was doing some research on izakaya in […]

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Most places I visit for this blog I find out by reading various food sites and trying to keep up with the buzz, and then some places I just stumble upon, like Imm Thai Street Food on University Avenue in Berkeley.

It has been awhile since I’ve spent much time in Berkeley, but recently after […]

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A few years ago tapas — the small bites served at Spanish bars — were all the rage, spawning years of restaurants dishing out the trend of mini bites at high prices. Now it seems like tapas are making a comeback in the Bay Area, first with the opening of Aatxe in San Francisco and now La Marcha in […]

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The story: Iyasare took over the spot of O Chame restaurant in Berkeley’s Fourth Street shopping district, and is the personal project of Chef Shotaro Kamio, formerly of Yoshi’s. The sophisticated Japanese restaurant features the cooking style of Kamio’s native Tohoku in Japan.

Why I went: The spot was the latest gathering for our regular […]

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A Review of Townie Bar in Berkeley

On September 7, 2014 By

The story: A new neighborhood bar and restaurant opens in the former Caffe Venezia space, with owners Nima Shokat and Maianna Voge, offering up seasonal California fare with drinks.

Why I went: My longtime food blogging friend Sandy of Foodhoe’s Foraging suggested we check out this new place that opened a couple of months […]

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You can’t go wrong with burgers and beer in a college town, even a sophisticated foodie one like Berkeley.

So it makes sense that the chain Eureka opened up its first Northern California location in downtown just a few blocks from the University of California at Berkeley. (BTW, they put an exclamation point at the […]

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UPDATE: This restaurant suddenly closed in April 2015.

The Bay Area has its share of thin-crust artisan pizzerias, so recently opened Build Pizzeria Roma in Berkeley tries to stand out from the crowd with a gimmick that lets you create your own pie by choosing your own toppings.

The expansive dining room and adjacent bar […]

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Grill Shuts Down for Soba Making

On December 16, 2012 By

Ippuku has a loyal following for its izakaya offerings. On most nights, you’d walk into a cloud of smoke in the Berkeley dining room as the grill masters cook up a variety of skewers.

But on Friday and Saturday, Ippuku opens up early and the grill is quiet except for a few snack items because […]

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