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Believe it or not, I still have things to say about my eating vacation to New York last month.

Admittedly, I couldn’t go to half the places on my wish list for this city. But I covered a lot of ground in the nine days in Manhattan (with a few diversions to Brooklyn and Queens), […]

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Months before the white hot Din Tai Fung opened its newest U.S. outpost at Santa Clara’s Westfield Valley Fair shopping center, everyone predicted – and expected – long lines and dumpling mania to ensue.

And right on cue, when the long-awaited restaurant serving up xiao long bao (those delightful Chinese soup dumplings) opened in May, […]

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The story: Shanghai Dumpling Shop is a no-nonsense Chinese restaurant in the heart of the little downtown of Millbrae, serving up Shanghainese food, including the popular soup dumplings known as xiao long bao.

Why I went: I love Shanghai soup dumplings and when I noticed fellow foodie Foodnut Instagrammed a photo […]

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The story: Crystal Jade Jiang Nan is a mega-chain from Singapore with more than 100 restaurants across Asia. This month, it opened its first U.S. restaurant in San Francisco’s Embarcadero Center 4 in the space that was once the longtime home of dim sum favorite Harbor Village.

Why I went: I was in the Embarcadero […]

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MELBOURNE, Australia
One night when it was raining, I craved something comforting and warm. And for me that’s usually soup noodles or dumplings.

So I made my way to Hutong Dumpling Bar, which is nestled in a little alley (technically Market Lane) in the Chinatown district of Melbourne. I got there soon after it […]

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My latest food obsession is Shanghai soup dumplings, or xiao lung baos, and I’m pretty frustrated that I can’t find decent ones near my home in Oakland.

So after an Oakland A’s game, my friend Virginia suggested we check out Ark Chinese restaurant in Alameda. I rarely head out to Alameda because I don’t have […]

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When looking for good Chinese food in Southern California, people often point visitors to the San Gabriel Valley area.

The valley is more than an hour east of the coast, which is where I was staying when I recently visited my sister in Marina Del Ray. So it was an inconvenience to […]

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Awhile back during the holidays, I had my hands on some wheels. And while I typically would go far searching for ramen, this time I was craving xiao lung bao, the delicious juicy Chinese soup dumplings.

And when searching for XLBs, it makes it easy when a restaurant has it right in its name. Someone […]

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Everyday Dim Sum for the Weekend

On January 21, 2012 By

As we drove through the Webster tunnel heading into Alameda, my friend Vera turned to me and said, “I’ve never had really bad dim sum.”

We tried to assure ourselves because we were headed to Chef’s Wok, a dim sum place I only noticed awhile back when heading to East Ocean, probably the most popular […]

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